Our mission: to turn people into ambassadors

In the future, it will only be natural for noteworthy personalities and companies to take responsibility for society, share their knowledge and values, and use the internet for the benefit of all.

Our team is composed of digital experts who have the support of extraordinary visionaries unparalleled in their fields.



We connect thought leaders, doers and young talents to establish a collective of mutual appreciation and inspiration.


We provide our customers with the know-how and tools they need to use the internet systematically and sustainably.


We create value and sustainable knowledge from which each and every member of our society shall benefit.

Ibrahim Evsan


Ibrahim “Ibo” Evsan lives social media.
He is one of Germany’s well-known digital leaders, keynote speakers and an expert on personal branding and web philosophy.

His social commitment is to UNICEF and Deutschland Stiftung Integration, among others.

Meet Ibo