Consulting & Workshops

Empowering you is our goal. We give you the know-how and tools you need to use the internet systematically and sustainably for your individual needs.

Take advantage of our expertise and let us show you how to navigate through the digital world with ease.

The first workshop series focuses on the branding and marketing possibilities of Social Media. The second workshop series covers the more technical aspects of SEO and Content Marketing. If you only need specific topics covered, please ask for customized workshops or individual consulting.


Social Media Basics Workshop

Get a basic understanding of  the Social Media dynamics.



Social Media Marketing Workshop

How to integrate Social Media into your Business Strategy.



Branding Workshop

How to create a Social Brand for yourself and your company.



Selling Workshop

How to approach the right people at the right time in Social.



SEO Basics

Dive into the mysterious and steeped in legend world of search engine optimization.

Keyword Strategy

Pick the right keywords to become high-ranked on Google and to drive traffic into leads.

Content SEO

Unlock the full potential of SEO and Content Marketing for better ranking and conversion rates.

Benefit from our extensive consulting services.

In addition to our workshops we offer a broad variety of consulting services. Learn how to find out more about your competitors, get professional support for your social media team or find out how you can identify and approach influencers in social networks.


Positioning & Branding Strategy

Learn to develop a strategy to communicate authentically with your target audience.

Competition Analysis

Learn to find out who your competition is, so that you can learn its strengths and weaknesses.

Influencer Analysis

Learn to identify opinion leaders in order to allow you to use them and their network as amplifiers.


Keyword Analysis

Learn which keywords your target audience searches for on Google and how you can approach them.

Social Media & Content Strategy

Learn to create a storyline and a content plan to reach your audience with the right channels.

Social Media Publishing & Advertising

Learn to publish and advertise your content on social networks allowing you to extend your reach.


Copywriting & SEO

Learn how to optimize your content to have a lasting impact on Google and a good conversion rate.

Photos, Videos & Podcasts

Learn to enhance your online presence by using high quality photos, videos, and podcasts.

Trend Scouting

Learn to analyze markets and society, so that you can be the first to respond to developments and set trends.

Let your management team become digital leaders and your company’s ambassadors.

Be it a corporate blog, an expert page, a topic portal or a landing page – we will build the kind of websites you need to put your digital strategy into action. Our system is highly customizable, fully search engine and mobile optimized and is continually improved and adapted to the needs of our customers and state-of-the-art technologies.

Discover the notable personalities whom we have assisted on their journey of becoming a Social Trademark.