Social CEO & Employer Branding

Show the world the people behind your brand and turn them into ambassadors of your company. Boost identification with your company’s philosophy and attract highly qualified and talented professionals.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding stands for becoming a top hiring company whose employees live the company culture and communicate it both within the company and to the outside world. Use your presence as a Social CEO to lead your team through this procedure.

What is our role?

We will develop a HR strategy for your company and establish an online presence for you and your employees with a portfolio consisting of a CEO blog and Experts’ Pages. You can present your expert knowledge and company values to the world by using authentic stories and subject schedules. Thus, you draw attention to yourself as an employer on Google and across social media networks.

Hello Social CEO!

Your homepage is the online appearance that represents you.

All your content and activities converge onto your website. We trace trends, support you with our technical know-how, and tailor your website to your individual needs, so that you and your professional expertise become convincing on the web.

Press & Publications

Present your guest contributions, interviews, or citations in print or online media and advertise your books and various publications.


SEO & Mobile Optimization

We provide an intuitive user guidance, compress images and data and guarantee short loading times, thus optimizing your website for Google.

Projects & References

Highlight your competence with a clear list of your references. Show your businesses, projects, and your involvement. 

SSL/HTTPS Certificate

We encrypt your page with an SSL certificate to provide your visitors with an HTTPS connection. This makes your website trustworthy and is also positively taken into account by Google.

Pictures, Videos & Downloads

Visually attract your audience with your pictures and YouTube videos. Offer pictures, logos, press articles and other files for download.


Social Media Integration

We connect your social media profiles to your website, allowing your visitors to follow you in comfort. Embedded buttons simplify the sharing and liking of your contents..

Commentaries, Surveys & Forms

Let your articles be rated directly by your readers and create surveys. The commentary and contact form functions allow for a personal dialog.

eCommerce Shop & Paywall

We allow you to integrate your own shop, in which you can offer your products. Thanks to our paywall, you can make particularly valuable contents available for sale.

Link Suggestions, News & Trends

Suggest noteworthy contributions and links with entertaining finds from around the web. Collect important information for your visitors in your portfolio.


Newsletter Integration

We integrate a newsletter function that your visitors can use to subscribe to your newest posts and special news. This way you can build an additional direct marketing channel.

Delegate, Control, Approve.

The Control Center is your own communication and statistical hub. This is where you communicate with your project team, get in touch with your Social Trademark Consultant and manage all your online activities.

Take advantage of our workshop series and navigate through the digital world with ease.

Simple and transparent communication

With the Control Center iOS and Android apps your team can join the conversation and give feedback at anytime and from anywhere. Push notifications will inform everybody involved about new messages so they always stay up-to-date.

Your Social Trademark Consultant is only one click away as well and will help you with any requests you might have.

Discover the notable personalities whom we have assisted on their journey of becoming a Social Trademark.